Zimmer Biomet is pleased to Introduce mymobility, a mobile application that uses iPhone® and Apple Watch® to facilitate a new, first-of-its kind level of connection between patients and their surgeons. mymobility is designed to improve the patient journey by helping you prepare for your orthopaedic surgery. At the same time, it will deliver continuous data and patient-reported feedback to your surgeon in order to optimize your care, surgical outcome and satisfaction.

*You must have an iPhone 6s or later with the latest software to use the mymobility app. You can only access the mymobility app if your surgeon uses mymobility and determines that you are an appropriate candidate. To find out if there are mymobility surgeons near you, see the “Contact us” section of this website.


The promise of mymobility

Every day, Zimmer Biomet helps people around the world regain mobility and experience renewed life through orthopaedic procedures. We are pleased to extend this same commitment to you through mymobility, a patient-centered application that serves as your surgical journey companion. With its simple and easy-to-understand interface, the Zimmer Biomet mymobility patient experience was developed to keep you informed and educated on next steps through notifications, video tutorials, to-dos and reminders throughout your journey.

 Your surgical care team will enroll you in mymobility during your surgical consult, providing access to your procedure-specific care plan on your iPhone and Apple Watch. This will guide you through assigned tasks and send reminder notifications designed to best prepare you for your surgery and recovery. Once enrolled, you will receive an email that allows you to set up an account, pair your devices and begin your surgical journey with the use of the mymobility app.

Through the constant connection between you and your surgical care team, mymobility allows the interaction needed to move efficiently through your personal care journey.


Key benefits

The mymobility app provides tools and information that matter to you – from direct communication and remote monitoring to education, exercises and a to-do list, mymobility keeps you connected and informed.


Knowledge is power

Knowing what to expect and receiving timely reminders can help ease anxiety as you approach surgery. Your surgeon and care team will send appropriately timed information to prepare you for your upcoming joint replacement procedure. Collaboration with them through the app is designed to assist you in many ways, including:

> Understanding your condition and optimizing your health as you prepare for surgery

> Learning what to expect the day of surgery

> Steps you can take to help minimize complications after surgery and work toward regaining mobility


Your personalized care pathway

Everyone is not the same; you shouldn’t be treated as such. Through the mymobility app, your surgeon and care team are able to provide a customized care plan that will best fit your personal care and recovery process. To-do lists will let you know which activities have been assigned to you each day and you will receive notifications periodically reminding you of the remaining items. Exercises are interactive so you can follow along and note the level of difficulty with each exercise. Your progress will be tracked throughout your course of care by recording the number of completed repetitions.


Connect throughout your journey

Constant connectivity provides unmatched resources throughout your course of care. You will hear from your care team periodically throughout your surgical journey. Care plans start preoperatively and include both pre- and postoperative exercises, education and questionnaires. Reminders will be sent to your iPhone and Apple Watch for you to report to your care team about how you are doing and feeling during the process. This offers a convenient way to complete and submit surveys on time and help your surgical care team stay informed and track your recovery progress.



Powered by data

At the end of each exercise routine, you will see a summary screen that allows you to review stats related to your overall progress. With the mymobility app, tracking your level of engagement with education and questionnaires is made easy.

Data tracking your progression is automatically sent to your surgeon’s dashboard every time you open the mymobility app, providing you connectivity to your surgeon and care team throughout every step of your surgical journey.


Your surgeon and care team will be able to monitor your progress remotely through regular progress reports by using a clinician dashboard. The app messaging feature allows you direct communication with them. You can ask questions about your general health or medical condition, including your activity, prognosis and doctor’s orders. Photos may also be shared, such as a quick snapshot of your surgical incision site for healing assessment by your surgeon and care team. This constant connectivity provides you with unmatched resources throughout your course of care.

With mymobility, access to answers are at your fingertips. Transform your patient journey through personalized care.


Results will vary due to health, weight, activity and other variables. Not all patients are candidates for this product and/or procedure.  Only a medical professional can determine the treatment appropriate for your specific condition.  Appropriate post-operative activities and restrictions will differ from patient to patient. Talk to your surgeon about whether joint replacement is right for you and the risks of the procedure, including the risk of implant wear, infection, loosening, breakage or failure, any of which could require additional surgery. For additional information or to find a surgeon near you, visit [or call 1-800-HIP-KNEE].

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